About me

Software Engineer, Solution Developer, Ninja Programmer. Loves Python, but willingly writes code in any existing programming language if problem is challenging. Gets a goosebumps of excitement hearing words like “performance” and “concurrency”. Would enjoy using washing machine and vacuum cleaner much more if there is Linux inside. Open Source follower. Truly believes he has A. Lovelace and C. Babbage in his family tree. Addicted to learning. Team player if possible, solitary if needed.

OK, that was how I understand the marketing.

I’m a software engineer in my twenties and I live in a cold country in eastern Europe. I specialize in Python, PostgreSQL, Hadoop, Cassandra and – in general – systems’ backends. Recently I’ve been working for the company developing the third biggest context advertising system in Poland (of course, Google’s AdSense is first, so we can threat this third place as second ;) ). Now I work for a Norwegian company developing nice web browser and I do some Python, Cassandra and Hadoop stuff there. Nuff said!

You can find more intormation about me on LinkedIn

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