MX4J – simple web interface for Cassandra JMX

Just a quick tip if you don’t like JConsole or you just prefer to have web UI for Cassandra’s JMX – there’s a quite ugly but usefull tool called MX4J and here’s how to make it work with Cassandra.

It couldn’t be easier – Cassandra supports this tool by default.

First, download MX4J and unpack the jar file to the directory that is in Cassandra’s classpath. By default it’s /usr/share/cassandra/lib and Restart Cassandra. MX4J web UI will be available at your-host:8081.

If you want MX4J to use different listen adress or port, you have to add -Dmx4jport=8888 or -Dmx4jaddress=, where and 8888 are the listen adres and port of your choice.


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